Courses Offered
*The Evolving FireGround- Classroom/Hybrid This fast paced high fidelity class will show the symbiotic mutualistic relationship between Fire Dynamics and the FireGround. It’s a detailed approach of how fireground tactics and tasks effect fire dynamics. Attendees will be shown the relationship between fire dynamics and the fireground tactics through an interactive video based discussion. Many firefighters are simply taught the fireground tasks. However they are not educated on the positive and negative effects of those fireground tactics and tasks. The goal of this class is to bridge the gap between the science and the streets. This class will show the student how to effectively apply research based tactics to the fireground. This class could also be split into hybrid class and a Small Scale Fire Behavior Dollhouse Burn could be added. (2, 4, and 8 hour programs available) *Attack from the BURNED Side- Classroom This class goes against the grain of traditional firefighting and offers an innovative approach to firefighting that is most effective for today's structure fires. For years, the fire service has been preaching to attack from the Unburned side. This isn't always the best tactic. The modern fireground is evolving more than ever before and current research has shown that safety on the fireground depends on altering some of our firefighting procedures. This class will show safer and more efficient tasks and tactics for extinguishing fires that originate on the exterior and extend into the attic. Using case studies paired with practical experience, this class will examine the "attack from the burned side" and other fallacies that have led to firefighters being injured or killed. Students will be shown how to apply evidence-based tactics in order to achieve a smarter, more aggressive, and more efficient fireground. (2 and 4 hour programs available) *Working in the Fire Flow Path- Hands On This hands-on class demonstrates how to operate more efficiently and safely by using firefighter safety research to enhance fireground tactics. Instructional areas include interior and exterior Fire Streams, door control, search, and fire behavior. Students will rotate amongst separate Fire Attack, Search, and Fire Behavior stations that include interaction with experienced Underwriters Laboratories-Firefighter Safety Research Institute Advisory board members, who will discuss fire behavior and evidence-based tactics. Instructors will demonstrate live fire behavior using small-scale fire simulation props. Students experience first-hand the skills developed from the research, the lessons of the research, and how to implement these new skills onto their firegrounds.